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The second guy Billy-Bob was thin with big ears that stuck out and buck teeth. Delicately pulling back the folds of tender pink flesh she quickly exposed the clitoris beneath, grasping it with her forefinger and thumb and tugging experimentally. The slave girl could barely move as the Master pulled her from the small cage and released her hands from the cuffs behind her back. I've been pierthed on hith behalf. Lisa will prepare you for the operations and I'll join you when everything is ready.

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I complied but was disgusted by the taste and texture of my own semen.

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Slave Husband’s Genital Modifications

She would step out when instructed and stand dripping and steaming before me, her skin shining with wetness, the perfect smooth contours of her lithe body shimmering under the light. By then the healing process had long passed the stage where they were still necessary to keep the punctures open and as a matter of fact, according to Greg, even if they were left permanently voided, those punctures would never close again. Six times the needle's advance stalled; evidently encountering one of the lateral piercings and having to punch through a layer of lining. Flicking to the appropriate channel, the black and white image of the prison came into view. At last, a pair of more substantial grommets was mounted into the slightly larger holes at the corners of her mouth, about a half centimetre removed from them.

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modification stories domination slave training
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modification stories domination slave training
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