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We'll need to tie her back to the table, I guess? Once they finished, the chief picked up a tool that resembled a hatchet, with a sharpened stone tied to a stick handle. She could neither open nor close her mouth any further than its hard-pressed stuffing was designed to disallow. This fanfic was written for the entertainment of those who read it. The savages formed a circle around her and lifted their sticks. She circled the sealed portal but saw no sign of what might trigger it. Behind her, on the floor of the other room, lay another damsel.

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The rest of the savages also put down their sticks and they all took up long, flattened utensils with sharp ends, edging in closer around the twitching woman, who, although severely brain damaged, was still very much alive.

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For a moment, she was horrified at the arousal she was feeling. Lara cried out as the hard lengths kept knocking into the top of her skull. Just In All Stories: This will continue for days, if needed. Good choices will lead to progressively better outcomes for Lara, hopefully helping her out of the hole she has dug for herself. They walked straight to the disobedient tasks at hand. It was Paula Trace, the operative who'd been assigned to keep Cross out of trouble until a decision had been made about what to do with the annoyingly well informed, but uncooperative damsel.

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croft erotic lara story
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croft erotic lara story
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